Top Partner Workout Moves

1. Partner Heel Tap

Partner A lies faceup, with Partner B standing at A’s head. Partner A brings feet into tabletop position (shins parallel to the floor). Partner B holds both ends of the resistance band. Partner B carefully loops the band around Partner A’s feet.

Throughout the movement, Partner B stands with core tight, knees slightly bent, and arms holding the ends of the band. Once in position, Partner A contracts core, slowly lowers both heels toward the floor, taps heels, and then returns to tabletop position.

Make sure the band is securely looped at the centre of Partner A’s feet, so it won’t snap back and hit either partner.

Make it easier: Loop the band around one foot instead of both. Keep both feet in tabletop position and lower and raise only the one foot with the resistance band.

2. Triceps Kick Back

Stand facing each other with knees slightly bent, hips back, and core engaged, each partner holding one end of a resistance band on the same side (right hand for one partner, left hand for the other).

Hinge slightly toward each other from the waist. Both partners bend elbows 90 degrees and hug elbow and biceps to their sides.

Extend the arm holding the band, using triceps to push the band away from your partner, keeping elbow hugged into side throughout the movement. Slowly re-bend arm and return to the 90-degree angle and repeat.

3. Band Sprint

Partner A loops a resistance band around Partner B’s waist and holds both ends. For stability, Partner A braces core, bends knees slightly, and sends hips back.

Partner B sprints forward until the resistance band is taut and performs 30 seconds of high knees or sprinting in place. Partner B jogs backward to the starting position. Partners then switch roles.