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Our Classes:

Strength & Conditioning – Increase your metabolic rate with muscle shaping supersets based on resistance training. Get stronger, fitter and toned all in one workout.

HIIT – High intensity interval training aiming to burn the highest amount of calories in the shortest time possible. Hot, powerful and effective.

Ride45 with Maddie – Good music, lights, people and atmosphere you won’t forget. Join one of our spin classes for a great experience that will leave you sweaty and smiling.

Circuits – All round class with elements of cardiovascular and resistance training combined in a specifically tailored circuit to work on every area of your body.

Core & Stretch – Slower paced class focused on strengthening your core and mobilising your joints to make them more prepared for every day physical challenges.

Sculpt & Burn – Turn up the energy in this circuit class, mixing body weight, free weights and cardio to achieve a full body burn. Get fitter, stronger, healthier and discover the best version of you.

Booty & The Beats – 45 minute class designed to shape, sculpt and grow the glutes using body weight and resistance bands.

Box & Burn – Boxing inspired high intensity work out! Incorporating bodyweight exercises with boxing combo’s to a killer playlist.

YOGA Vinyasa Flow – Vinyasa Flow is a style of yoga best characterised by the use of the breath which guides you to move seamlessly from one pose to another. Expect a steady pace of movement which will allow you to create some heat in the body, whilst simultaneously focusing on strength, balance, and flexibility.